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Family-run Hotel

                                                             Moments of happiness
     Everyone knows them,

those moments when everything

is just right. That wonderful 

    feeling of light-heartedness, joy, lightness and laughter.
   These are the moments in the open air, with a glass of wine, with a good meal
    ... alone or with a loved one.
    Happiness is often based only on the decision to be happy.

    ... and here we would like to contribute to happiness and welcome you as
    kind guest and friend of the good taste in our

from left: Patricia, Valentina, Andrea und Lothar Derr

In 2007, the Hotel PANORAMA was owned by our family and within one year it was completely renovated, extended and expanded.
Due to the extensive renovation it could be awakened from its slumber in June 2008. A feel-good atmosphere was created in the guest rooms, in the entire restaurant and hotel area. The modern was skilfully combined with the traditional.
The large conservatory restaurant & our PANORAMA terraces offer a wonderful panoramic view over Boxberg and the Umpfertal.

Let us and our PANORAMA team spoil you and make your private or business stay something very special.
Let us convince you of our qualities, which you can not only see, but also taste, and spoil you.

In our house we only use fresh products, preferably from our region of the Baden Franconia, which correspond to our quality ideals.
Furthermore we would like to spoil you with a light, balanced and digestible cuisine.

See the transformation of the Hotel & Restaurant PANORAMA after the purchase and subsequent conversion and extension.

before purchase:

exterior view




side room









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